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LAMBFEST!!! Bank Holiday Monday



Bank Holiday Monday – 30th May – The Lamb Farnham – 1:00-11:00pm

Live Music all day  – BBQ – Free admission

Featuring many BTR artists plus special guests.    Full line up:


Vic Cracknell



Colin Pocock

Claudia Stark

The Dangerous Brothers

Dave Salsbury

Quiet Wish

The DMs

Louise Coles

Peter Crutchfield

Francis Greene

Celia Barrett

John Bental

John Meriton

The Monteurs

Vernons Friends

The Mark Nelson Trio


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Blue Trouser Records Takes over Farnham for Oxjam, 18th October 2014

Some time ago in a small forest dell surrounded by green trees and with shafts of sunlight glimmering through the foliage, the Blue Trouser Records Committee gathered, dressed in woodland garb and playing pan pipes. After some whispered greetings, the committee assumed silence and to the sound of a slow beating drum fashioned from a tree trunk, Mark Nelson entered the dell wearing a white robe, sporting antlers and followed by a small host of mice, voles and badgers. The committee gathered round and suddenly shouted……… “all hail the blue trouser King!”

Shortly after that strange and, to be honest, somewhat disturbing dream I wasn’t entirely surprised to be invited to a real BTR committee meeting down at The Horns pub. The topic for discussion was Oxjam.

Oxjam, as you probably know, i...

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Blue Trouser Records at Weyfest


There is a strong representation from Blue Trouser Records at Weyfest 2014, 29th to 31st August. Centered on the Rustic Stage which is once again hosted by Vic Cracknell.



We have a limited number of free CDs with a track from each Blue Trouser Artist. See us in the Rustic Stage to get one.

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Did Someone Say its Hornsfest?

The Horns Pub in Crondall is pretty much HQ for BTR. John and Judith who run it are huge promoters of local live music and put on music nights there every Thursday and Saturday.

When BTR formed it only seemed fitting that we should support something at The Horns, there just seems a gravitational link between us as like orbiting planets in a live music Solar System.

And so it came to pass that the annual music festival known as “Hornsfest” became a BTR Production – an organic transition as it happens as BTR members WychWood have run the festival for the last two years anyway!

Now there is just something about Hornsfest that makes it stand out from other local festivals. Its indoors for a start (we don’t care about the weather!)...

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