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An Evening With Reed Maxfield – Album and EP Launch

After months holed up in the recording studio, Reed Maxfield celebrate the launch of their 3rd album, Songbook Vol. 3 on Friday 22nd April at the Farncombe Music Club.

Alongside their band members Colin Giffin (vocals, guitar) and Phil Lockhart (percussion), Philippa (vocals, bowed psaltery) and Chris (guitars, backing vocal) also celebrate the achievement of being the very first local band to headline their own night at this top Surrey music venue.

It’s not the first time the band have appeared at FMC. Reed Maxfield have opened for British country acts Red Sky July, and My Darling Clementine, and blues band BabaJack, as well as enjoyed stints at the Acoustic Café which was recorded at the venue for radio broadcast.

What can a music lover expect from ‘An Evening with Reed Maxfield’? Ta...

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Blue Trouser Records Takes over Farnham for Oxjam, 18th October 2014

Some time ago in a small forest dell surrounded by green trees and with shafts of sunlight glimmering through the foliage, the Blue Trouser Records Committee gathered, dressed in woodland garb and playing pan pipes. After some whispered greetings, the committee assumed silence and to the sound of a slow beating drum fashioned from a tree trunk, Mark Nelson entered the dell wearing a white robe, sporting antlers and followed by a small host of mice, voles and badgers. The committee gathered round and suddenly shouted……… “all hail the blue trouser King!”

Shortly after that strange and, to be honest, somewhat disturbing dream I wasn’t entirely surprised to be invited to a real BTR committee meeting down at The Horns pub. The topic for discussion was Oxjam.

Oxjam, as you probably know, i...

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Welcome Francis Greene, Reed Maxfield & Philippa Reed to BTR!

Yes, in addition to our first initial signings Leo Dymond and Celia Barrett, Blue Trouser Records is thrilled to welcome on board Francis Greene; Reed Maxfield & Philippa Anne Reed (Songs from the Psaltery)! 3 quite different & talented acts with their own flavours. Check out their pages and gigs etc.

More acts joining up shortly…………..

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