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After an astounding 15 years out of the public eye, Lisa Von H is back playing live, recording, and writing all over again, only this time shes having A LOT more fun. Lisa performs her acoustic/folk set locally to Woking and London, and was also ‘the other half’ of dreampop/shoegaze band Lights That Change – until ‘Rainbow On Your Shoulder’ enjoying some exciting interest from the BBC and Tom Robinson, amongst others. She also collaborates on some really exciting projects globally, covering lots of genres and enjoying exploring new challenges and a world of possibilites…. check out Stereotopics, Tim O’Neil and Big Cloud Productions, Noel Cowley, and many many more (all to be found on Soundcloud)

You may remember her from the ‘mean fiddler’ circuit – from the eighties to the naughties! The acoustic room, the garage, the phoenix festival……. supporting Toyah, Mike Peters, Fish, and various others……. you may not!!

You may have seen her on early cable tv, or heard her on Radio5 live with Katie Puckrick and Patsy Kensit, or even seen her in Brian Blesseds film version of King Lear- again, you may not.

But whether you followed Lisa through her ‘pre-babies’ career, or whether you’re new to her songs and voice, we hope you enjoy listening as much as she enjoys creating the songs you hear. If you do, please stop by and say hello, and pass it on to like minded souls

Thank you x

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