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Formed in September 2014, Quiet Wish are Carola Baer and David J Lambert – two musicians/singer-songwriters, based in Surrey, England, UK. They play original music mainly in a style influenced by ambient-rock/trip-hop style, making use of guitar synthesizers, loopers and drum pads to build a full live sound. Sometimes they play in a more ‘acoustic’ mode.

There is influence from Massive Attack, Mazzy Star and the Cocteau Twins, and maybe sometimes similarity to a laid-back Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks combo. The inspiraton for many of their songs is the “the world we live in”, awareness of our environment and trying gently to persuade people to change our world for the better.

The music features Carola’s intimate and warm voice (sounding at times like Stevie Nicks and bit of Kate Bush – sometimes bluesy, sometimes mellow), and David’s intricate guitar playing (with influences of Mark Knopfler and the late John Renbourn, normally played on a nylon-strung electric guitar synthesizer). Carola also plays guitar synthesizer and keyboard, and David’s low-pitched voice combines very pleasantly with Carola’s.

Shortly after forming Quiet Wish, Carola and David started recording informally a number of original tracks in a raw ‘acoustic’ format. This resulted in their first CD ‘Change’. Subsequently they have been writing lots of music together, and a second set of songs is scheduled for 2016 – these will represent the current full sound.

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