Kieran Michael Stowell


Sample Song

I was Twelve years old when I finally began developing my taste in music. It was after I heard the track “Wonderful World” by James Morrison, I can’t exactly place what it was that resonated but I essentially became like an obsessive fan and scoured every online article, video or podcast just so I could say I’d listen everything he had ever released. I guess I was rather narrow-minded and ignorant in the sense that I would listen to the likes of Nirvana, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles because they inspired Morrison even if they didn’t resonate the same way with me.
Meanwhile my mum would try to introduce me to other brilliant artists and bands such as Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams, Counting Crows and Elbow just for me to reject them because they were “boring.”

It was a few years later I began to write songs after my friend needed a writer for a metal band they were forming (you can imagine how long it lasted.) The songs were poorly written and no tune or melody to them, despite that though I continued to write songs for myself and attempt to sing them acapella. I didn’t have a singing coach so I there were plenty of cringe worthy moments during my teenage years where I sang acapella to crowds to receive sympathetic applause rather than genuine. I began to teach myself guitar at Fifteen, but it wasn’t until I was Seventeen after I began having Guitar lessons that I actually managed to coherently put melody and lyrics together.

Everything becomes quite brief from this point, I performed my first open mic when I was Eighteen in the pub down the road from my mum’s house and since then I haven’t stopped playing.
I’ve played badly, I’ve played in some terrible venues and I’ve even played blind drunk.
However despite my faults and failures I have managed to stand proudly and silence a room with nothing more than my guitar and the songs I had written during late nights and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Not too sure what else I can really add at this point, I guess you can talk to me in person.

So for the time being here is a picture of me with my first guitar.

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