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InSynthasesia was started by two London based musicians, producers Jackie Romeu and Rafael Piamolini in 2013. Both were in previous bands together over the years and decided to take original material and re-invent it.

Jackie who is an up and coming producer always wanted to start a project featuring different artists and enlisted long term band mate Raff.

“We have a history already so it made complete sense”

Rafael is a live musician at heart and that level of musicianship has a brought a different energy to the project.

“It took time to find the right people, but once we found the right artists the songs just started to come together track by track”

InSynthasesia does not cover one genre of dance music but many. There are overtones of drum n bass, dub step, electronic, ska, trance, funk, pop and indie.

“Our sound is an eclectic mix of everything, a bit old skool, a bit quirky at times.”

The songs have a history, all incarnations of material once performed in different bands with the original songwriters. One of them being Mark Nelson who is an artist and songwriter in his own right.

“The ironic thing is we didn’t originally come from a hardcore dance background, we’re not DJs, we don’t spend hours in front of a computer making beatz. We came from the indie music scene gigging the circuit for years”

Jackie Romeu: drummer, singer songwriter, budding playwriter, music producer and Rafael Piamolini: keyboard player, gigging musician, have continued working together over the years in various musical incarnations.

“We are not your typical music tech nerds. We are creators. We’re so old skool it’s ridiculous. For us it’s about the songs, the sound, the structure. We run with ideas and once the creative process is in full swing that’s when the nerdy sides come out. Then it’s about the right kick drum sound, the right hats, snare, synths and bass, the mix and so on…all the tech stuff!”

InSynthasesia have collaborated with various up and coming artists and given them the freedom to inject their own interpretation into the music.

“As producers we are always learning, sometimes you achieve the perfect mix,sometimes you don’t, sometimes you’ll get a little rough around the edges. As long as you keep striving to make the music better , we like to surround ourselves with people who’s opinions constructively we trust and respect, that is the only way to grow creatively.”

“There is so much hype and restriction within the industry, if you’re not playing the game then it’s almost impossible to break out into the mainstream. Fortunately the internet is giving artists the chance to be heard. Maybe that will change things, maybe it won’t? For us it’s about getting our music to the people. Chasing after record companies is a total waste of time, it’s like being single on a night out and trying to pull all night, looks desperate. We will let the music speak for itself. Making music should be fun regardless of if you get signed or not, it’s very easy to lose sight of that. Who knows maybe we can start a new music revolution, that would be nice. But as fickle an industry as this is, we will continue to make music and work with talented and interesting up and coming artists, trust me we’ll just keep churning the tunes”


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